Finding Her A Home

She had waited for over a month for someone to take her. Before that she had been homeless, regularly turning up at the Cluny property in Fouriesburg. It had seemed as if nobody wanted her.

Rebecca waiting for her forever home while being cared for by Cluny Animal Trust.
Rebecca waiting for her forever home while being cared for by Cluny Animal Trust.
In September we ran a post in Facebook about a delightful young cat looking for a home. A friendly, affectionate and playful cat, she had clearly been someone’s pet before an unknown event caused her to live on the streets. Cluny Animal Trust had taken her in and kept her safe, fed and cared for, until finally her fortunes changed.

Rebecca after her adoption.
Rebecca after her adoption.
In late October Margy Wilson came forward and offered her a home in Clarens. She now has her own name, Rebecca, her own home to live and sleep in, and she even has a sister, Leah, to play with.

Every now and then Cluny has an animal, a cat or a dog, that needs a new home, and this is a time when Cluny depends heavily on the generosity and kindness of local residents.

Cluny Animal Trust was established in 2011 as a Veterinary Welfare. This followed on from the voluntary sterilization work that Katherine Barker, our veterinarian, had been doing for years in the area. When Katherine first arrived in Fouriesburg from Cape Town in 2001 she discovered a colony of feral cats living behind her practice premises. These cats had been drawn there by scraps of meat offcuts from the butchery next door.

Rebecca's sister Leah.
Rebecca’s sister Leah.
That’s where it all started. One by one Katherine trapped and sterilized every member of the colony. Sterilization of cats and dogs is a cornerstone of animal welfare. The plight of unwanted and homeless animals brought about by uncontrolled breeding results in many of the animal welfare issues encountered within communities, and also contributes to the spread of diseases. In accordance with a growing pro-life ethos in animal welfare, intervention by sterilization is critical.

For this reason Cluny Animal Trust’s primary focus is on preventive veterinary medicine. The clinics in Clarens, Fouriesburg and Bethlehem run by Jan Sander, Cluny’s Animal Welfare Assistant, are complimentary to sterilization campaigns. These are also preventive interventions, focusing on parasite control, immunizations and early detection of contagious conditions like mange.

Another necessary aspect of preventive intervention is education. When Cluny Animal Trust was established in 2011, education in responsible pet ownership was identified as an integral component of its mission.

While Cluny was not established as a general animal welfare, the responsibility of rehoming of animals does from time to time fall into its lap, and our local residents who come forward to offer homes are a godsend to Cluny.

Rebecca reclining in her new home.
Rebecca reclining in her new home.
Margy Wilson is a Trustee of Cluny Animal Trust and a regular and loyal volunteer. Cluny is enormously grateful to Margy for providing Rebecca with a safe and loving home. Leah, Rebecca’s new sister, is also a rescue cat adopted by Margy.

If you wish to make a donation, please see the details below:

Bank: Standard

Acc No: 035278846

Branch Code: 055 033 (Bethlehem)

Please quote reference: CFRCAT

You can email your proof of payment to .

Article text by Mary Walker. Photos by Mary Walker and Margy Wilson.


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